Monday, 22 October 2012

10 General Safety Guidelines/Tips for Wood-Chipper Operators:

  1. Everyone within 30 meters of the machine, especially all operators, MUST wear safety equipment (safety glasses, ear muffs, gloves etc.)
  2. Stick to the maintenance schedules of the wood chipper and ensure that all the bolts are tightened as specified in the Tomcat Owner’s Manual.
  3. Never reach into a gravity feed wood chipper with your hands. Rather use a stick or switch the machine off.
  4. Never get rushed with a wood chipper when operating or performing maintenance. This will only result in injury.
  5. Never leave your machine unattended while running. Stay in range of all feed control and shut down devices.
  6. Never stand in front of the discharge chute as the chips are blown at a high speed and can seriously injure someone.
  7. Never allow anyone to get near the PTO shaft while the machine is operational.
  8. Never open the drum area while the drum is still spinning. Make sure the drum comes to a complete stop first.
  9. Never open the discharge chute of the wood chipper while operating. Make sure the chute is always closed and locked with the safety pin & R-clip.
  10. Never allow children near a running wood chipper even when the chipper is switched off.

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