Monday, 3 September 2012

The Perfect Mulch

Mulches are layers of materials such as compost, wood chips or leaves that are used to cover the soil surface in gardens or agricultural areas.

Wood chip mulch can be used to make an attractive garden path.
 The practice of mulching serves many purposes:
  • it helps retain moisture (up to 50%more),
  • assists with weed control,
  • adds nutrients to the soil (as organic mulches decompose),
  • insulates the soil to control the temperature,
  • reduces erosion,
  • and even improves the appearance of the area.
Apart from the benefits mentioned above turning a pile of wood into wood chips can also reduce the danger of fires on a farm.

Mulch around trees allows them grow in an optimal
environment, similar to being planted in a natural forest.

We are often asked whether Tomcat Chippers can be used for mulching and composting. Our chippers are actually ideal for mulching. Tomcat Chippers produce great quality wood chips for composting and mulching purposes. Contact us to find out more about how to use our machines effectively for mulching.

Tomcat Chipper Mulch

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